Fixture Group:

Cha Am Pool League


Date Time Home Team Away Team Venue
30/10/14 07:30 PM 69-Sixtynine Bar My-Bar 69 Bar
30/10/14 07:30 PM Butterfly Bar 2 Pim Bar Butterfly Bar
30/10/14 07:30 PM Cha Cha Bar1 Butterfly Bar 1 Cha Cha Bar
30/10/14 07:30 PM blue lagoon Cha Cha Bar2 Birdy Bar
06/11/14 07:30 PM Butterfly Bar 1 69-Sixtynine Bar Butterfly Bar
06/11/14 07:30 PM Cha Cha Bar2 Butterfly Bar 2 Cha Cha Bar
06/11/14 07:30 PM My-Bar blue lagoon My Bar
06/11/14 07:30 PM Pim Bar Cha Cha Bar1 pim bar

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